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Baldur's gate ii throne of bhaal manual

baldur's gate ii throne of bhaal manual

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Foiling their plans again, you discover the drm removalware for ebooks armoured figure that killed your father is taking over the local Iron Throne operations and installing himself as a Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate so he can force a war between the city and Amn that will cause.
First it covers romances in general, then specific NPC profiles, major NPC variables (this is a bit more advanced all romance dialogue options, illegal issues and more.
Location: Games » Baldur's Gate 2 » Tips, Tricks Hints.This guide is not a simple guide that says either, This character is great or This character sucks.BG2: SoA ToB NPC Interactions Guide by Dave Milward (Submitted) 263kb, download, from the author: Surfing the boards at both t and other sites, a lot of gamers out there are curious about how the various NPCs interact with each other.It can no longer be purchased directly.Ranger/Cleric Solo Guide by Steven de Rooij 13kb Download A pretty detailed guide covering more or less all aspects of soloing a ranger/cleric, including some specific battles in Throne of Bhaal.Baldur's Gate 2: Frequently Asked Questions by oliver.Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.BG2: ToB (Male PC) Romances Guide by Felinoid (Submitted) 43kb, download, this is a guide that maps out (in their entirety) the ToB portion of the three romances available to male PCs - Aerie, Jaheira and Viconia.This list only contains the numbers, and not any banter spoilers.Also included are multiclass listings and dual classing rules.Site mirrored on SP by permission.This monster encyclopaedia goes way overboard in that it lists most stats for every single creature in the game, going into fairly good detail, barring some omissions.(In the form of a gift code which you'll find on the download page under "Serial keys".).The prophet's words rang true as always.Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Anomen Romance Guide by Nancy Taylor (Submitted) 9kb, download, this detailed guide covers the Throne of Bhaal romance dialogues your female PC has with Anomen, whether his alignment is Chaotic Neutral or Lawful Good.
From bugs, to potential cheesy exploits, strategy, information and descriptions of arcane and divine spells, here you will find it all.
Gorion, the main character's foster father After curing the iron shortage and taking care of the bandits you discover that the Iron Throne is the perpetrator of the entire mess in an effort to force people to buy iron from them at hugely inflated prices.

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