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World of warcraft client patch 1.2.2

world of warcraft client patch 1.2.2

Some of the creatures between Jedoga Shadowseeker and Herald Volazj have been removed.
Bloodthirst: Cooldown reduced from 5 seconds to 4 seconds, and rage cost reduced from 30 rage to 20 rage.
Master Marksman: This talent now also decreases the cost of Aimed Shot and Chimera Shot by 5/10/15/20/25.
Svala Sorrowgrave will now only perform her ritual once.Now increases energy regeneration by 30 while stealthed, and for 20 seconds after breaking stealth.Some monsters in the instance which have Spell Reflect will cast it less frequently, now have cast times, and reflect chance has been reduced to 75 from 100.Players with high-end equipment will not notice as much of a difference. .In addition, players will be able to advance characters to level 80 and gain powerful new abilities while exploring several new zones and dungeons.User Interface The party leader role when using the Dungeon Finder has been renamed.Violet Hold, reduced the wait time for portals to open after defeating bosses.Improved Tree of Life: The armor bonus to Tree of Life Form from this talent has been reduced to 67/133/200 bonus armor.Jedoga's Shadowseeker's air phase will now only occur once.A small arming time has also been added so proximity mines will not immediately detonate on creation.However, before players can access it the Ashen Verdict must shatter the Lich King's final barrier.Hunters * Hunter's Mark: The ranged jelenajensen - jelena jensen (poolside sex).iso attack power bonus from this ability has been increased from 300 to 500.Sorry, this file is not yet available for download).
Juggernaut: This talent now also increases the cooldown on Charge by 5 seconds.

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Prius 2005 owners manual

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Fujitsu scansnap ix500 user guide

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Como crackear litio 2 0

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